Terms and conditions

Delivery and return

All the cars at VIP Star Car Rental are well-maintained and without any defect. The car renter must return the vehicle in the same condition with all accessories and documents at the location, on the designated date mentioned in the agreement. Inspect the car in advance. Immediately report regarding any dent, scratch or technical problem. Only the person whose name is mentioned in the rental contract is supposed to use and drive the vehicle.

Damage to the vehicle

If there is any unfortunate damage or loss to the vehicle, partially or completely, including breakage of glass or fire, the renter will compensate. The vehicle must be returned in a clean and sound condition.


Renter is supposed to pay all the necessary charges including salik (toll road system), traffic fines, if any, extra fuel, parking charges, etc.

Conditions of use

  • Do not use the vehicle for illegal activities.
  • Do not tow any vehicle or object
  • Vehicle is not to be used for any race or contest
  • Renter and driver must not drive under the influence of alcohol
  • Vehicles must be used in predefined geographical areas
  • Driver must carry a valid driving license
  • Renter is responsible to compensate for any damage to tyre or any punctures

Accident or theft

Renter must file police complaints in case of accident or theft. Any such incident must be reported to VIP Star Car Rental. If there is any witness to the incident, the data must be secured. The car renter must assist us during legal affairs and until the insurance claims are settled. No repair work should be carried out without our approval.

Law and jurisdiction

Everyone who is renting our vehicle must comply with the law of the United Arab Emirates. All our rental agreements are as per law of the Emirates.